People, Not Resumes

HRMatches lets you see beyond the paper, to the person

The Challenge

The power of the internet enables us to vastly increase our reach to prospective candidates. The only downside? According to Forbes, the average job opening receives 118 applications. That leaves HR in a very difficult situation. Executive recruiting website TheLadders reports corporate recruiters typically spend a mere 6 seconds reviewing each individual resume.

No one, not even the most experienced HR manager can fairly assess a candidate that quickly. Furthermore, corporate cultures vary wildly. What makes the grade at a mobile gaming startup creates friction on a Fortune 500 software development team. Successful candidates must fit the corporate culture, as well as the position’s skill requirements. 

Flipping the deluge-of-responses conundrum on its head gave us an insight: With 118 applicants per position, surely the perfect candidate was somewhere in that stack of resumes, or mixed in with the rest of the responses cluttering your inbox.

There’s a handful of diamonds scattered in the boxcar of gravel. How can we find them?

We founded to answer a simple question: With all the advances in technology, especially big data, can’t we do better?

After all, computers were designed to manage massive amounts of information. So how do we turn applicants into meaningful data?

We built a platform to analyze those 118 applicants through a series of rigorous skills and personality assessments. The proprietary neural network algorithm we developed (based on the Kohonen self-organizing network principle) constantly refines candidate suitability based on feedback from our corporate partners as well as candidates. In the meantime, we collaborated with expert UX designers to provide you with an intuitive platform for organizing, collaborating, and planning your interviews.

When our perfect match rate hit 75%, we launched

Technology created the too-many-applicants problem… Now, technology can solve it for you, too!

Our Company

HRMatches helps organizations of all types and sizes find the perfect match for internal or external openings easily. Candidates are matched based on their knowledge, skills, personality, and work style.

HRMatches software includes a fully integrated Quinn assessment within the candidate’s profile. You can easily screen and filter candidates based not only on their hard skills, but also on their soft skills and fit with your unique corporate culture. serves over 500 businesses ranging from small sole proprietorships to blue-chip Fortune 500 corporations. Regardless of your needs, the HRMatches algorithm helps you find the perfect match the first time, every time.

Our Story

We experienced the hiring process first-hand: fraught with frustration for everyone, recruiters, interviewers, and candidates alike. Hiring touches every single person in a company, but the clunky technology was often a barrier. And when we hired the wrong people, well, everyone in the company shared the burden of on-boarding, friction, interpersonal issues, and the trauma of termination.

The recruiting process just hasn’t caught up with the technological revolution in job-searching. Candidates leverage job search engines and social media to find and apply for positions. We were still using the same old patchwork of email, spreadsheets, and in-person interviews to manage and evaluate an increasing number of applicants.

Tens of thousands of professionals tolerate these inefficiencies every day. Fortunately, the HRMatches team has both the technological expertise and the desire to create a better answer. (We’re engineers — we can’t resist a complex challenge!)

To that end, we created a platform for our own internal use. Word spread quickly, so we brought in UX specialists to polish the interface and make our solution ready for anyone, at any level of technological literacy, to easily understand and use. was born out of our frustration with recruiting.

Over 6,000 perfect matches later, our evolving algorithm is better than ever. We’d love to show you how much time and frustration you’ll save by identifying the perfect candidate for your position and your corporate culture.