Hire the Right Candidate, Not the Right Resume

Identify the skills, the personality, and the attitude to excel at your business

HRMatches leverages big data to give recruiters robust insights into candidates - so you can save time, save money, and hire the perfect person every time.

Exceptional Reach

With just 3 clicks, post your job to all the major job boards and social networks for maximum response.

Assess Candidates

Integrated skill and personality assessments allow you to see beyond the resume.

Manage Top Choices

Easily compare top candidates side-by-side, and focus your time exclusively on the perfect fit.

Hire a Winner

Hire the ideal candidate with the skills, personality, and attitude to succeed!


Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Say goodbye to the e-mail jungle and very lengthy Excel files. We offer you a clear overview of all candidates, notes, correspondence and recruiting stages. Candidate management has never been so easy and clear. Save time with an improved selecting process and easier administration.

Improved Verification = Smarter Hires from Deeper Insights

Why waste time with unqualified or unfit candidates? Proprietary job-fit technology assesses and analyzes over 500 psychographic attributes to ensure the best fit with your business culture and needs. HRMatches incorporates skills and personality testing, videos and more to fuel insights and deliver the people you need.

Fully Assessed Applicants
Perfect Hires

Let us help you see beyond the resume

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