Invest time in the best candidates. The new recruiting!

Get the correct match with your vacancies. Save a wealth of time and money with the intelligent recruitment system of HRMatches.

Free online recruitment system

With HRMatches it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money on agencies and advertisements searching for good personnel. Via online matching with high quality CVs you can immediately find the best most suitable candidates for your vacancy.

You are 3 steps away from making use of HRMatches.


Create a company profile

Start with creating a company profile. Company culture values are included in this. This is an important element to determine whether a candidate is suitable for you. If you want to work with HRMatches you only have to do this once.


Place a vacancy

The best matches are immediately visible with our database of more than 30,000 active candidates. Need more reach? You can reach more than 300,000 hob seekers with our free distribution on various job boards.


Online selection and management

Does the initial selection take too long? The matching allows you to simply manage candidates and with one click you can decline everyone who is unsuitable. Spend your time on only the most suitable candidates.

Save time and money

Is assessing CVs too time consuming. At HRMatches all candidates come in via a simple online application process. Then all CVs are automatically ranked on the most suitable candidates for the vacancy. This saves you a wealth of time and therefore money.

High-quality CVs

In the application process candidates receive a free working style test and a culture test. The intelligent matching system of HRMatches ensures that you gain insight into not only the skills, but also in the competencies and culture value of a candidate. This increases the chance of a better match with your vacancy.

The ideal candidate

DSpend your time on the most suitable candidates. the system the candidates are ranked and can be directly managed. You can easily invite or decline candidates, or place them in your talent pool. You only pay if you are interested in the candidate.